Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It's a welcome respite for a tired city dweller like me.

Sarangani Province in the southernmost tip of Mindanao has a number of white sand beaches that are waiting to be enjoyed and explored. The place is very serene and calming.  The seemingly unending stretch of white powdery sand beaches is a sight to behold. It's the Boracay of the South - only this paradise in Sarangani is far from being exploited, void of the establishments that lure scores of foreign and local tourists alike. 

Sarangani has 230 kilometers of coastline. Just imagine that! Two hundred thirty kilometers of incredibly beautiful coastline, shores teeming with lush coconut trees as well as pockets of mangroves. 

My family and I stayed at the White Haven Beach Resort when we visited Sarangani. There was nothing grand about the resort but it provided us comfort and shelter when we weren't out soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm turquoise water. You can't expect amenities offered by hotels in places usually flocked by tourists such as Boracay. What the resort offers is tranquility, relaxation, a little piece of heaven.

The nearest airport to the resort is the General Santos City Airport. Sarangani is a little over an hour away by bus or car from the airport. The journey was smooth as the roads are paved. Don't sleep on the way to resort so you will be able to see a real provincial landscape. A good mix of concrete and native houses dot the roadsides and an abundance of local trees and animals are a welcome sight. 

Unlike other famous resorts in the Philippines, the shores of Sarangani are nothing but spectacular. I wish it will stay this way - far from the maddening crowd reaking with the smell of capitalism and pollution. The place was pristine in the truest sense of the word. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to share information about food as we brought a lot when we went there. We rented the whole resort and we were allowed to cook and reheat food as we please. I am not quite sure if the resort offer room service. I will have to check and update this blog post when I have the information. 

As the resort (White Haven Beach Resort) offers only basic amenities, you won't break the bank if you come and visit. Prepare to shell out at least Php3000 (around $70) for an air conditioned room which can comfortably accommodate 4 adults. Not bad if you ask me. I did not see any sign of bed bug and the linen and pillows supplied were clean enough to use. Don't expect to see tubs in the bathroom as well. Oh and yes, make sure to bring your toiletries. 

The powdery soft sand along the shore is cleaned up every morning because the high tide brings about waste materials such as sea grasses, coconut husks, leaves, among others. The warm crystal-clear waters calmly awaits for you to visit and enjoy the tropical paradise. 

If you need more information about the resort and how to get there, please feel free to get in touch with me through Twitter or send men an email (kessathea26@gmail.com) - I promise to respond. 

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